An excellent summer


Dear friends,

I created the Vidal-Saint Phalle gallery twenty five years ago with the idea to show in Paris works of artists that I discovered abroad and that had rarely or hardly seen in France. Some of them were emerging artists, others well known, some even famous. I showed their work and had the luck to follow it over time. In the meantime, and as best as I could, I tried to exhibit new discoveries and show young talents.

The gallery taught me to admire the determination, the tenacity of artists and their commitment. It also made me discover the fervour, the passion of visitors and collectors who accepted to share our enthusiasms and who kindly honored us of their trust as well as their friendship.

My gratitude to the ones and the others is immense.

Today the Vidal-Saint Phalle gallery is obliged to leave the rue du Trésor, the owner wanting his walls back. We have decided, Nathalie Bertoux, director of the galerie, and myself to pursue our activity. From now we will present the work of the artists of the gallery in uncommon or prestigious locations of the Marais around events that we will organize.

We are very happy about this new project and will allow ourselves to talk to you about it as well as inform you of our exhibition program in the fall.

In the meantime we wish you an excellent summer.


Nathalie Bertoux                                                                  Bernard Vidal

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